The Importance Of Japanese Knotweed Removal

While there area a number of different species that are particularly hard to remove, few come as close to being impossible as the Japanese Knotweed. Known as one of the most aggressive invasive species around, there are a number of different steps that much be taken when removing to to ensure that it does not grow back. This makes it particularly important to take the time to properly undertake Japanese Knotweed removal if you have a home or business that has been invaded. However, once the proper steps have been taken, it is unlikely that the weed will come back.

Japanese Knotweed Removal
Japanese Knotweed Removal

The first thing to take into account is that the roots can actually burrow down over nine feet into the ground. This is well over the height of the average human and it almost as high as most ceilings in homes. If you aren’t equipped to dig down this far, you may find that removal efforts fail time and time again with the weed simply growing back from roots that cannot be seen from the surface.

This is compounded by the fact that the roots can be both large and thick and small and thin. It can seem like you have gotten all of the major roots out of the way, but you will then come up against smaller roots that break with even the smallest little tug. This makes it hard to get them out of the ground and if you don’t take time and fully excavate the area surrounding the weed, you may find that it grows back within a few short weeks.

One of the worst things about this weed is that it can remain dormant for quite a long time, seemingly gone from your garden, until it pops up at the beginning of the next growing system. Often this will happen after you have already planted everything you want to grow, wasting your seeds, and allowing your plants to be choked out by this invasive species.

Another thing to take into account when trying to remove this plant is the need to quickly deal with the plant. This is not one that you can leave for a few days or even weeks, if you notice it on your property, it needs to be removed right away. This is because it can grow at a rate of at least 4cm a day, taking over spaces quickly, sucking nutrients out of the soil, and causing massive amounts of damage to your garden.

While it may seem hopeless, you can actually get rid of the entire plant. There are companies that specialize in Japanese Knotweed removal, or you can work on it yourself and be sure to take a number of different precautions to truly get rid of this horrible plant. No matter what you choose, you should be aware that there are likely to be bumps along the way and that the soil and everything it has touched will need to be treated, ensuring that it will never be able to grow back again.

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