16 Web Design Trends in 2017 to Refresh Your Website

If you are planning to refresh or give a tweak to your website, below are some web design trends to follow in 2017. The perfect service to run along side your website full of the latest trends would be to utilise the services of SEO agency Liverpool.

Long Scrolling:
This unique trend is not new and will evolve on desktops in 2017. With long-scrolling, you will be able to browse both web and applications quickly. In 2017, you can simply apply this trend on desktop devices to get the best result.

Typography With Bold And Big Features:
In 2017, content with a bold front that can easily entice visitors on your website will be in vogue. It simply means that content with meaningful information should be used on your website to send a quick message to prospective visitors.

Strategic Approaches:
Web design has started to drive towards physical features since material trends gain popularity. Web design trends in 2017 are expected to display more images to give users a great feel of the content.

Micro Experiences:
In time past, micro interactions such as filling in an email address or password to login may be difficult for some users to access. Well, the accessibility of these micro-mini experiences will be greatly reduced in 2017. This means that a user can simply access these tasks without stress.

Improper Layouts:
Your website site layout comes with a variety of functions such as colour schemes. Using creative approaches to lay the structure of your website should always be considered in 2017 with functionality inclusive.

Reduced Menu Features:
Among one of the web design trends to use in 2017 is reducing menu features. With reduced menu options, your website visitors will be able to find useful content quickly.

Concentrating Totally On Your Website Animation:
In digital media, animation remains a big player. With animation, your website will be highly accessible for interactions and usability. 2017 is a year when web designers will come up with several creative features to boost the intractability of websites.

Personalised Examples/Illustrations:
While a personalised example is not a new web design trend, you may expect it to become widely used in 2017. If you want to give a quick tweak to your website resource, then this trend will play a big role. A good example of this trend is by adding call-to-action to your website content.

Virtual Reality:
The use of innovative and new technologies is becoming popular these days. Virtual reality is among the big hitters in the web design world to shock many people in 2017. VR will help you introduce impressive animations, 360-degree videos and 3D effects to your website.

Use Bots To Build Interactions:
Bots are great ways to help in establishing smooth interactions on a website. In 2017, you can expect this web design trend to continue is producing massive results in your website interaction requirements.

More Parallax:
For websites with virtual reality features, parallax scrolling remains a great asset. Even if this strategy is not new to the world of web design, you can expect a new dimension to its operations.

Real Navigation Styles:
Wouldn’t it be nice if you can access your website using the main navigation bar? This is exactly what to expect with experimental navigation styles. You can easily access by default on your website without this feature being hidden or sticky.

Simpler Homepages:
No more bogus and hard to access homepages in 2017. Web designers are constantly creating homepages with simple images that you can view and interact with.

Captivating Colours:
The fashion home of any website begins with the colours used. In 2017, you can expect to see website resources coming out brighter than ever anticipated.

Personalised Fonts:
Making the typography and the visuals of your website unique is a great gain. You can experiment new lettering or fonts for your website in 2017 to see how it works.

In 2017, videos on websites will get to the in-depth. Videos often help to give a quick projection of your website. You can use creative and compelling video to tell the story of your website.

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